My Little Bonapartes at Maison


This rug called “My little Bonapartes” has been in my archive for a few years. It was meant to be launched at the Maison in Singapore, and as part of my debut collection as a rug designer. In the week leading up to the event, I had made a visit to the factory to check out the rugs in production, My little Bonapartes was halfway thru the tufting stage and to this day I’m not sure what possessed me to pull it off the loom just as it was. There was something so perfect about the unfinished raw quality. In hindsight, I think I wanted a time capsule of sorts that captured a work in progress. Maybe a reminder that we all are still works in progress ourselves. So it sat rolled away in a closet for 5 years and as I moved into my new studio/apartment, I thought it would be the perfect time to celebrate it and install it as a ceiling feature instead.