The Gossip Room at The Papilion

Jakarta, Indonesia

The gossip room is located at the Papilion in Jakarta ,a boutique dining and fashion institution located in the chic suburb of Kemang. The concept is a hidden room in the penthouse designed for intimate gatherings like a jewellery launch or for a private setting for the Indonesian elite to have high tea. We knew the interior design approach would revolve around the wallpaper by the French design house, Antoinette Poison. The print was inspired from the revisits of the decorative arts of the 18th century and immerses you in the art of living in the French Age of Enlightenment. The rug design had to compliment the wallpaper print which has quite a dominant visual presence, especially in that small space. The colors were taken from the wallpaper so they would feel like a part of a family. An updated French motif from the same era was placed in the center, while the background is juxtaposed with a geometric candy colored background.